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Your Criminal Law Firm in Frankston

Your Day in Court

On the day you go to court, you have one chance to present your case to the Magistrate or Judge. You can trust a criminal defence lawyer in Frankston from Bayside Solicitors to provide you with experienced and passionate representation. Bayside Solicitors will ensure that your case is best presented to the court, taking into account the sentencing attitude of the  particular Magistrate or Judge hearing your case.

But don’t trust us to tell you that. Ask around. Bayside Solicitors have been practising criminal law in Frankston since 1998. Bayside Solicitors have a team of 7 lawyers, which makes us one of the strongest firms on the Mornington Peninsula. Our principal criminal barrister and solicitor, Ashley Tickner, has been representing clients in the local Magistrates courts, and the County Court (including many successful jury trials and appeals) for over 20 years. He continues to appear for clients on a regular basis, and mentors our other criminal solicitors when they are dealing with more difficult matters. We have many, many satisfied clients who consider him to be the best criminal lawyer in Frankston today. Ashley Tickner has appeared in over 3500 police cases as a barrister and solicitor. If you are considering another legal firm, ask the lawyer about their years of experience.

Obligation-free meeting with our criminal lawyers

Come and talk to us. We speak plain English and we offer a first free interview with a criminal defence lawyer, with no obligation. You need to be confident in the barrister and solicitor who will be standing up for you in court. Make an appointment to meet with one of the experienced criminal lawyers at our Frankston office today.

Guilty? Not guilty

We have the experience to properly assess whether the police can prove the charges which have been laid against you. Each case must be assessed on its particular facts, and every client has a different life story to be presented to the court. Whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty, we will present you to the court in the best possible light. It will always involve a confident and experienced barrister and solicitor standing up for your rights in court.

Costs at our law firm

We will in almost every case provide you with a reasonable lump sum quote for our services in relation to your criminal or traffic matter, and a time-frame in which it will be required to be paid. This is part of what makes Bayside Solicitors some of the more affordable criminal lawyers in Frankston. That quote will be provided in our obligation-free first interview. The exception to this is for longer trials, particularly jury trials, where the trial time can only be estimated and, in these circumstances, a costs estimate is provided, including a summary of scale costs. Legal Aid is available for those who qualify.

Don’t delay in finding the right representation. You deserve the services of an established and successful criminal law firm in Frankston; call today 9781 4822 for your obligation-free first interview and make up your own mind.